What is

ZAP55 stands for Zinc-Aluminum Protection. It has an optimal mix of 55% aluminum and 45% zinc that provides an inside coating advantage to your roof.



ZAP 55 Provides double protection against rust. Zinc acts as a SACRIFICIAL AGENT that protects the base metal while aluminum provides BARRIER PROTECTION that slows down corriosion.


Proven Superior Corrosion Resistance

ZAP55 can be expected to provide at least twice the service life of traditional zinc-coatings of similar coating thickness under the same exposure conditions.


Superior Cut Edge Protection

The aluminum and zinc in ZAP55 is combined to prevent corrosion at exposed edges. The zinc component provides galvanic protection, while the aluminum component remains as a continuing barrier to corrosion.


Paint Adhesion

Superior paint adhesion provided by chemical treatment prior to oven baking of paint for full curing.



Base Metal:  Cold Rolled Steel conforming to JISG 3141 and PNS 127:2004